Granite Gear Supports the Big City Mountaineers!

The exciting launch of our new campus collection, has put us in the giving mood. Back in May, we launched our Back to School Giveaway, where we partnered up with industry brands to give away a prize pack every two weeks, catering to students getting ready for campus. We also wanted to “share the love,” to a favorite organization of ours – the Big City Mountaineers.  If you’re not familiar with BCM, you should be. Really. It’s an amazing organization that focuses on getting under-resourced youth outdoors and so much more. At Granite Gear, we thrive to get more people into the great outdoors. So by donating to the BCM, we felt our contribution could make an impact through getting kids out and enjoying all that the wilderness has to offer.
Here’s a little bit about BCM’s history, and what they aim to do for underprivileged youth.
Big City Mountaineers strives to instill critical life-skills in under-resourced youth through transformative wilderness mentoring expeditions. In short they help kids enrich their own lives through outdoor and mentoring experiences.
Since its inception, BCM has worked to offer life-changing experiences for urban youth through wilderness mentoring expeditions led by caring adults.  The original program design of single-gender, 5-adults-to-5-youth outings continues to be a unique aspect of their program.
In 2013 alone, BCM worked with more than 1,000 under-served youth across the country on 68 wilderness expeditions, and 2,600 day and overnight programs. In total, they tirelessly delivered 6,650 days of outdoor youth mentoring programming to their kids.
If you want to learn more or are interested in getting involved, visit their website at
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