The Wonder of The BWCA

On September 23rd, Dave and Amy Freeman concluded an uninterrupted year of life in The BWCA. We all know the amazing cause they are fighting for so I will not get too much into that. (If you don’t know click here). However, I will say that there is nothing nobler than defending the defenseless. Dave and Amy have epitomized this the past year and beyond. I send my respect, admiration and wonder to them!

A group of us Gearheads had a recent expedition on The BWCA. This was a four day three-night trip, so just a bit shorter than that of Dave and Amy’s. The trip started out with a windless and overcast sky that made the initial foray quite tranquil. The tranquility was immediately replaced by chaos when, on our second portage, a Superior One was accidentally set down on a bee’s nest. I was not the person who put said pack on the bee’s nest but that didn’t stop the bees from taking retribution on my legs. Six stings all at once. I literally thought that a wolverine had attacked me. Welcome to The Boundary Waters!


In the next 72 hours we dealt with mice in the food pack, 30 mph headwinds, rain drops the size of baseballs, turned ankles, taking wrong portage trails thus portaging and re-portaging, more mice in the food pack, two broken fishing poles and 1 really rough hangover. We also dealt with waters so still the islands appeared to be floating in space. We saw a double rainbow above a bald eagle snatching a fish out of the water as another bald eagle attempted to steal the meal. There was a full moon so bright that I had to reapply sunscreen at night. We caught walleye, small and largemouth bass, perch, bluegill and northern pike. A lightning storm in the distance gave us an hour long show on our final night which then gave way to a glowing night sky that I simply cannot put into words.

Our Gearhead team experienced all of this in not much more than 72 hours in The BWCA. Dave and Amy just spent 8,760 hours in this truly wild wilderness. While in wonder, we all need celebrate and emulate their dedication to such an invaluable cause. At Granite Gear, we’re proud to call The Boundary Waters our birthplace.

-Rob Coughlin, VP of Sales and Marketing

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