A Go Getter’s Holiday Gear Guide

Holiday season is upon us, eh? If you’re shopping for someone who is always on-the-go, there’s no one better to ask for ideas than our athletes and Go Getters. They put our gear to the test all year long, so we present you with the Go Getter’s Holiday Gear Guide!

All Packing It Out‘s Seth “Cap” Orme wants for Christmas is the 2.4L Air Zippditty Stuff Sack.

5_pct2016_nicoschuler“Holidays are synonymous with food and so is my Air Zippditty. During this year’s Pacific Crest Trail thru hike, my Air Zippditty (aka Snack Attack) was my go to snack vessel. Made with a highly water resistant sil-nylon fabric, this craft protected my food throughout the day. The sil-nylon fabric is relatively slick which allows you to easily slide it out from any place you crammed it into your pack. Cool helpful fabrics aside, my favorite aspect of the Zippditty series are the zippers. The ability to easily open the entire sack made it the best snack bag ever! If you’re like me and always want the snack that ended up at the bottom of your bag, this is the piece for you. Say no to hidden snack. Oh, and I wouldn’t recommend putting leftover stuffing in them, but that’s just my opinion.”

Kahiltna 29, Kahiltna 29, Kahiltna 29 all the way for Go Getter Stevie Anna.

steviekahiltna“My favorite piece of Granite Gear is my Kahiltna 29 pack which was passed onto me nearly 8 years ago. I carried that pack across 40 states and at least 7 different countries. Even though I have recently upgraded to a newer and shinier Kahiltna, I’ve made sure it was kept in the family and now is travelled and loved by my lil sis. The versatile pack has kept my must-haves from the top of mountain passes to the daily runabouts in town. It’s size makes it compatible for any type and style of adventuring.”



Go Getter Alyssa Hei is dreaming of a white Taku 24.

alyssa-at-the-top-of-high-falls-in-tettegouche“My Taku 24 stays packed not only because hiking has become my life, but also because it is
the most comfortable & practical bag I’ve ever owned. Have you seen how many straps, zippers, & pockets these bags have?! It literally has a place to store everything – both useful and sentimental. Thanks Granite Gear for being the final and most important piece for every outdoor adventure – carefully holding all those things perfectly in place & ready to go. Getting to #WhereIGottaGo isn’t ever a chore, it’s just a quick grab of my Taku & I’m out the door.”

Go Getter Colin Arisman is decking the halls with Virga 26‘s.

pd8c0935-2“Right now I’m loving the Granite Gear Virga 26. This summer, I along with two friends and fellow adventure filmmakers, undertook a 400 km bikerafting expedition (that’s right – bikepacking and packrafting) in the remote Sacred Headwaters of northern BC. During the 150 km bike approach our Virga 26 comfortably stored our lightweight items like our life-jackets, throw-rope, paddles and fly-fishing rods. Once we reached the river and it was time to inflate the packrafts and load the bikes on to the boats, the Virga packs rolled down to almost nothing and easily stowed away during our 250 km float out back out to the road. Thanks Granite Gear for making amazingly durable, lightweight and brilliantly designed gear!”  

Learn more about the adventure here: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/bikerafting-the-sacred-headwaters-2016.html

Go Getter Chris Tran is hiking with Frosty the Lutsen.

copy-of-dsc09969“One of my favorite multi-day packs from Granite Gear is the Lutsen 55L. I’m able to carry all my necessary gears (esp. camera equipment) while being incredibly comfortable on the trail. #MyLutsen has seen plenty of rain, hail, snow and dirt. It has taken a beating and will continue to do it in style.”

When Polar Explorer Eric Larsen goes on an adventure, the Packable Duffel is comin’ to town.

patagonia-0443“While I’m rarely without a Granite Gear pack of one sort or another, I’m a huge fan of the Packable Duffel. Traveling to one remote location or another for a variety of polar, mountaineering or photography expeditions, means hauling a lot of gear. The packable duffels are light and durable and have sturdy zippers and handles. I also like that they come in a variety of bright colors so we can easily spot our bags at the airport or in the backcountry.”

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