Adventure is a Funny Thing

By Go Getter, Nick Stone

The word “Adventure” is a funny thing. You can find the word riddled throughout websites and articles everywhere these days. Just from scrolling through Instagram, you are bombarded by people being “adventurous”. It’s everywhere encouraging people to drop everything and travel the world and experience the grand journey that life has to offer. There is one caveat to this whole “adventure” thing, though. “Adventure” is about so much more than leaving home and going to see those amazing places around the world. There are two X-factors that make an “adventure” as perfect as you want: the people you bring along with you and those “in-between” moments you share with them.

The People

nstoneco-3The more and more “adventures” you take, the less it is about the places that you see. Don’t get me wrong, the places are great, but the places aren’t what make the memories. Creating unforgettable moments with friends that come along with you is what makes an unforgettable “adventure.”

You will learn so much more about your friends than you ever thought possible. Everything from their favorite food to learning the hard way how loud they snore, this whole “adventure” thing is all about learning and experiencing new things. You never know which friends you may hit the road with next. So make more friends and invest in the people around you. Go get coffee with that friend you haven’t seen in awhile; Taft Point in Yosemite will always be there later for you to see. Take a friend camping for the first time, and show them the beauty and good times this world has to offer them. Hold on to the people that you care about the most. This can’t be stressed enough; its not about the places, its about the people.

The In-Between

The times people remember most from all the “adventures” are not those picturesque viewpoints. What makes a trip the most memorable? It’s the “in-between” moments. These are the moments when the cameras are off, the phones are put away and all there is to do is soak in the things around you. These moments aren’t the most glamorous, but that is the point. These moments only you and the people around you will remember. It feels as if you have this memory to yourself. These moments define your “adventure” and make you think all of this was worth it. It doesn’t make sense to other people. Those meaningful conversations around a campfire, or even running out of gas in the middle of nowhere Kansas … these experiences are yours and yours alone. Those pictures that you took are a good way to show people what you saw, but those “in-between” moments can’t be shared, or rather shouldn’t. Hold on to those moments, because those are the times you will miss the most from your trip.


Running away to that mountaintop can be the most temping thing to do with any free time you have, I’m not saying don’t, but bring those friends to make that trip mean so much more than just about the place. Hold on to the relationships that mean the most to you and live for those “in-between” moments. Go and have an “adventure” with the people that you wont ever forget, because that’s the way an “adventure” should be.


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