Saving the Plot (BWCA!)

Written by Rob Coughlin, VP of Sales and Marketing at Granite Gear

Is it me or have many people completely lost the plot? Growing up, we were told that the only thing one needs in life is food, water, clothes and shelter. While that list may have expanded to include a cell phone and LTE coverage, does the Earth not qualify? I mean, without a healthy planet Earth, what good is food, water, clothes or shelter? Doesn’t all this stuff come from the Earth anyway, thus becoming affected by Its demise? Am I the crazy one here? I realize that there are a lot of questions in this paragraph but I’m pissed off and looking for some answers! (Deep breath)

Since the change in our Country’s Executive Branch in January, there have been threats on our public lands all over our beautiful Country. Here in Northern Minnesota, it’s the ongoing battle for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. For those who didn’t know, the BWCA is the most visited Wilderness Area in America. Once visited, the BWCA is the kind of place that takes up a lot of airtime in your dreams. It’s also a place that is a major driver of the State’s burgeoning outdoor recreation economy. Northeastern Minnesota alone has a tourism industry that supports 17,000 jobs and brings in $850 million in sales annually. We sometimes forget about the economics behind everything when you’re watching a sunset on your own island up in the cut.

Here’s why I’m really writing this:  The U.S. Forest Service is considering long-term protection for the BWCA from sulfide-ore copper mining in nearby areas. This is an action that Granite Gear greatly supports. Right now, the Forest Service is asking for your input on this issue!!! Act now by going here

At this point of the post, I hope no one is reading as they clicked on the link above.  But if you are still reading, click here.  That should do it.

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